Taking a look back on our FAVORITE TAC HACKS!

We design products for warfighters and law enforcement professionals. But, we also cater to weekend warriors, civilian gun enthusiasts and outdoorsmen/women who demand high quality tactical gear. In our pursuit of excellence, we regularly test products in the wild. Sometimes we run into new and innovative ways to use our products. Below are our best discoveries thus far...

  • #1 - Our Water Jug Lantern Hack

    In our introductory TAC Hack Video, we showed you a SUPER Easy 3-Step Process to make a Lantern out of a Headlamp and an empty Water Jug/Milk Container.

    • STEP 1: Get an Empty Water/Milk Container and a Headlamp --- MAKE SURE TO CLEAN IT OUT FIRST...MILK JUGS CAN GET NASTY!
    • STEP 2: Place Headlamp (light facing inward on jug) around jug and tighten as needed.
    • STEP 3: Turn on Headlamp....TA-DA!

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  • #2 - Our LoopRope Organizer Hack

    With this HACK, we showed you how to straighten up your messy garage/workshop/shed/man-space situation, in 4 Easy Steps

    • Step 1: Get your LoopRope and two sturdy screw eyes.
    • Step 2: Screw the eye bolts into the wall about 5 feet apart.
    • Step 3: Use the LoopClips to attach the LoopRope to the screw eye.
    • Step 4: Fill the LoopRope with yard tools.

    See, now you're ORGANIZED!

    AND, if you need a LoopRope SHOP THE HACK NOW

  • #3 - Our Water Can Shower Hack

    In this hack, we are focused on your health and well-being...mainly because those around you will stop being around you and you will die cold and lonely if you don't wash some of the FUNK off!

    • What you need: A 5-gallon water can, watering can nozzle (we used a Fiskers nozzle from a local hardware store), and a ¾ inch female threaded connector for a hose.
    • How you build: First, connect the watering can nozzle to the 5-gallon water can. Second, tie some paracord around the can handle and base. Third, hang the can from a tree branch the way a purse hangs from an arm.
    • What you do: Stand under it. Soap up. You know how to bathe.

    With this Tac Hack, you won’t smell like sweat and woods and the person(s) you’re sharing your tent with will accept you back into the warm protected slumber spot. Then, when you wake up all well rested, you can do your dishes or some laundry under the makeshift shower—depending on how ambitious you’re feeling.

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