Note: TAG Luggage -Any questions regarding luggage purchased from Macy’s, we apologize but TAG-(Tactical Assault Gear Store) is not affiliated with TAG Luggage. The company you are looking for is Olivet International. They can be reached at 1-800-856-9119. LC Industries and Tactical Assault Gear Store is not affiliated with Olivet Luggage.

Shipping Policy

  1. All orders will be paid for at the time of order.
  2. All orders shipping to the continental United States under $49.99 will be charged $9.95 in shipping and handling. Orders to the continental United States above $50 will receive FREE SHIPPING.
  3. TAG DOES NOT offer shipping to APO/FPO address
  4. PO Box will be given a quote for shipping prior to final order submission.
  5. Standard shipping costs DO NOT apply to shipments going to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, or any other US Territory off the main land. Additional costs will be calculated and charged at the time of shipment.
  6. If you would like to request expedited shipping for your order, please contact TAG Customer Service by calling 1-877-524-3478. We will do our best to accommodate any requests that we can. Extra charges may apply.
  7. International shipments: International customers are responsible for all duties, taxes, and full freight from the point of origin. TAG by LCI will make every effort to consolidate into as few shipments as possible to minimize freight costs.
  8. TAG by LCI is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged packages.
  9. If your items are in stock, your order will ship Monday-Friday, within 1-3 business days of order placement.
  10. Occasionally, stock is depleted and your order will go to backorder status. TAG will ship all in stock items immediately, and fulfill the backorder once stock becomes available unless otherwise requested to hold and ship complete.

Shipping & Claims for Discrepancy

LCI’s signed receipt from the transportation company for a shipment in good condition constitutes delivery and LCI responsibility ceases. For destination customers, should overt damages or shortages exist at time of delivery, it is the customers responsibility to mark such with carrier on the BOL or POD and then to contact LCI to file a claim for credit. All claims to LCI for overt shortages and damages as marked with the carrier must be made within 5 business days after merchandise is received. For origin customers, all claims for loss or damages are matters between the consignee and the transportation company. LCI is willing at times, however, to assist our customers with the collection of such claims. Concealed shortage/damage is defined as damage or shortage that is not discovered (or could not be discovered) until after the carrier has completed delivery of the goods, and unpacking of the shipment has occurred. Customers should report any such cases for credit to customer service within 30 days of receipt of order. Please include pictures of the damaged items as received, as well as the PO number and delivery date of your shipment when submitting your claim. For shortages please provide the quantity expected from the packing slip and the quantity received. If a claim is received after 30 days LCI reserves the right to deny the customers claim. A mis-pick is defined as product that is received in error in lieu of the product that was ordered. These discrepancy procedures are outlined in the Replacement and Return Policy An Overage is defined as product received in excess of what has been billed to the customer. For resolution, contact LCI customer service with the purchase order number, item description, and quantity received. LCI will provide disposition instructions for the overage items. This is not to be confused with inventory received in excess of what is open and to be received per the customer’s records. If the latter is the case and the customer has been invoiced, this is to be treated as a return due to LCI error. See Replacement and Return Policy.

Replacement and Return Policy

Returns must be initiated no later than 30 days after merchandise is received. Returned merchandise will be accepted for credit only if in sealed and resalable condition, and after arrangements have been made with LCI for its return. In requesting authorization to return merchandise, the customer must provide the invoice or transaction number and date of purchase to insure prompt handling. Special order merchandise, food or beverage and pharmaceutical products, dated goods, shredders (due to warranty) and personal protection items (PPE) are not subject to return, except in case of error on the part of LCI. All returns not the result of an error by LCI will be charged a 15% restocking fee. In addition, return shipping charges must be prepaid by the customer. Mis-picks where the wrong item is received are an example of a return due to error on the part of LCI. Please contact customer service no later than 30 days after merchandise is received and provide the purchase order number, items expected and item part number received in error. LCI will issue a credit for the items ordered and not received as well as provide disposition for the items received in error. A new purchase order will be required for shipment of items originally ordered. LCI will replace the product if the product shipped was a result of LCI order fulfillment error. The customer is required to return the product utilizing the carrier of choice by LCI. LCI accepts the freight charges of its carrier of choice. The customer's original form of payment will be credited with the return upon receipt of the returned merchandise.

Shipping costs will NOT be refunded unless the item is being returned because it is damaged or defective. Merchandise damaged in transit will be returned, freight collect, to LCI for a claim against the outbound carrier. The customer will receive a replacement for the original item next day priority. Resolution of any unresolved dispute for any replacement or return product will be referred to the e-Commerce Department.