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Everyday Pack


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Tag Molle Magnetic Weapons Catch for Military Law Enforcement

  • EASY TO USE – quickly change your weapon platform without needing to adjust the catch
  • MULTIPURPOSE – use the TAG magnetic weapons catch to hold a variety of weapons including those with mounted accessories
  • CONVENIENT – temporarily secure your weapon and keep it out of the way in tricky situations
  • GUARANTEED – rest assured with our lifetime warranty
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Featuring a simple flat panel that holds your weapon in place with powerful magnets, this seemingly simple weapons catch offers unmatched functionality. With the TAG® MOLLE magnetic weapons catch you can quickly switch your weapon platforms without needing to readjust the catch to fit. This ensures no time wasted fumbling in the field.

Our weapons catch has been designed with flexibility in mind and can hold any weapon platform. Plus, the versatility of this magnetic weapons catch means you can hold weapons with rail mounts that have scopes, red dot sights, holographic sights, laser aiming devices, flashlights and assault grips mounted to them.

The TAG® MOLLE combat weapons catch stays flat against your body, keeping out of your way. This makes it the perfect way to temporarily secure your weapon when you’re climbing fences, going over walls, climbing ladders, prisoner handling, rappelling, fast roping, driving a boat, handling explosives while on target or helping to carry wounded or injured personnel.

Berry compliant, the TAG® weapons catch was made in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty.

More Information
Brand Tactical Assault Gear
AbilityOne No
Country of Manufacture United States
Berry Compliant No
Size 12
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