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TAG 550 Cord

TAG 550 Cord

OCP (Multicam)

MOLLE Mini Utility Pouch

TAG Unbreakable MOLLE Weapons Catch Military Weapons Catch Police SWAT Weapons Catch

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  • THE ONLY UNBREAKABLE WEAPONS CATCH IN THE WORLD – made from cold-rolled aluminum this unique weapons catch can’t break
  • VERSATILE – the bendable nature of this weapons catch means you can use it for a range of weapons
  • BEST WAY TO TEMPORARILY STORE YOUR WEAPON – quickly stow weapons when on the go
  • MOLLE COMPATIBLE – attach your TAG weapons catch to your MOLLE armor platform
  • BUILT TO LAST – the TAG weapons catch offers superior quality backed by our lifetime warranty
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If you’re all too familiar with breaking your weapons catch putting away your weapon, this is the weapons catch for you. Unlike Kydex® or plastic weapons catches, the TAG® MOLLE Weapons Catch is made from cold-rolled aluminum which bends but doesn’t break. The first and only unbreakable weapons catch in the world, the TAG® MOLLE weapons catch features an innovative aluminum core which makes the catch stiff so it holds your weapons in place, but flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of weapons.

This weapons catch offers a radial bend, making it capable of holding weapons with scopes, red dot sights, holographic sights, laser aiming devices, flashlights and assault grips. This unique design also allows you to bend the weapons catch to perfectly fit weapons of all sizes.

This essential item is perfect for temporarily securing your weapon while climbing fences, going over walls, climbing ladders, prisoner handling, rappelling, fast roping, driving a boat, handling explosives while on target or helping to carry wounded or injured personnel.

We’re so confident in our quality, the TAG® MOLLE unbreakable weapons catch is backed by a lifetime warranty. It’s also made in the USA and compliant with the Berry Amendment.

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Brand Tactical Assault Gear
AbilityOne No
Country of Manufacture United States
Berry Compliant No
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