Concealed Weapons Holster System Rounds Forward

Concealed Weapons Holster System Rounds Forward


Mercury Tactical - 3-Day TAC Pack

TAG Tactical Integrated Flotation System Military Combat IFS

  • VERSATILE – the TAG integrated flotation system can attach to your plate carrier or be worn as a standalone unit
  • READY IN AN EMERGENCY – inflate your flotation system via CO2 actuator in less than two seconds
  • ADDED PROTECTION – maximize performance and survival in maritime situations
  • COMPACT DESIGN – the TAG integrated flotation system won’t add extra bulk
  • GUARANTEED QUALITY – we offer a lifetime warranty with every tactical IFS
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Unlike anything else on the market, the TAG® integrated flotation system is the ultimate gear to greatly improve your performance and survival in a maritime environment. Perfect for small boat tactics, VBSS, OTB operations, river and stream crossings, jungle operations and GOPLAT missions, the TAG® IFS will help you preserve more energy, perform better and stay safer.

We teamed up with water experts, Drift Dry, to design and manufacture the best possible integrated flotation system for military use. Our IFS provides you with adjustable flotation as well as emergency flotation without needing to wear foam inserts or a bulky life jacket. This includes up to 24 lbs of positive flotation on the surface of fresh water and 30 in saltwater.

Our tactical IFS offers a clever streamlined design that doesn’t add any extra bulk. It attaches to any plate carrier or you can wear it as a standalone unit. For guaranteed reliability, it is worn directly against your body behind our ballistics, which means the system won’t be punctured during attacks and or by sharp objects.

The integrated flotation system is comprised of two connected air chambers which can be manually inflated and deflated using the oral inflation tube which will be directly below your chin. Alternatively, if a situation arises, you can simply pull the emergency handle to activate the built-in CO2 cartridge, which will inflate the device in less than two seconds. This CO2 cartridge can be replaced in the field while you’re still wearing the IFS, ensuring you can keep on going no matter what.  

Our IFS is the only system that doesn’t need to be repacked after it’s been inflated, and it works on its own – no external inflation systems or hoses are necessary. Plus, the system is equipped with an overpressure valve which means if you fire off the CO2 cartridge and there’s already air in the system, it’s not going to over-expand. And even better still, the IFS can be used infinitely making this a worthwhile long-term investment you can count on again and again.

For easy maintenance, the oral inflation hose, C02 actuator and overpressure valve can all be disassembled.

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