Today's world is plagued by violent acts.  We as a law abiding society need the ability to defend ourselves, families, friends and innocent people. Most people do not have any real training, have never been in a gunfight or a loud non-permissive environment where chaos, confusion and casualties are and everyday reality.  

The fear hyped up by politicians and the news media should largely be ignored. Why? Because they are no different from what I have just described. The difference between you and a politician is that politicians are surrounded by the very weapons they want to ban you from owning. Ask yourself why is an AR-15 style rifle "Okay" for their family and for their personal protection, but not yours. Our elected officials are elected by us...the US citizens, by a political system that is, of the people, by the people and for the people. You cannot argue, control or eliminate an active threat with words. No society in modern history has been able to fight armed combatants with words. The first thing dictatorships do is take the weapons away from its people. Why? So they cannot defend themselves from tyranny and oppression. This is why the United States traditionally in the last 100 years has sent its young men and woman to war, to defend those who cannot defend themselves. What do we bring to these places of conflict and war? Weapons.   It's OK to have situational awareness, to ask questions, to get the best training you can afford, to arm yourself and protect the very rights our men and woman die to give total strangers in other countries. Take a look at Mexico and the war on drugs. Mexico has a total ban on any and all weapons and the possession of bullets of any kind. In Mexico the murder rate has steadily, if quietly, outpaced the number of civilian deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq combined.  The Mexican government released new data showing that between 2007 and 2014 — a period that accounts for some of the bloodiest years of the nation’s war against the drug cartels — more than 164,000 people were victims of homicide. Nearly 20,000 died last year alone. Why does this happen?  Because only criminals have weapons in Mexico.  You cannot stop criminals from being what they are and Mexico is a border state. This is not happening 8K miles away in a mountain top outpost you cannot see on a map. This happens every single day and is a very real reason and reminder for you the US citizen to exercise and protect your 2nd amendment rights that millions of men and woman have died to enact and protect. Dom Raso a fellow SEAL, firearms, combative and training expert has released a video that will give you an even better understanding of what I have talked about here. Dom is a Patriot an American by birth an Operator by choice and I am proud to call him a friend. Please watch his video and share it with everyone you know. You're welcome America!!!